Why is London Popular International Students for Accommodation?

Your ambition can take you to the universe. For example, if you choose space, you need space suits and a rocket to live in. Similarly, when you study abroad, you must find a suitable place to live and study.

No wonder it’s difficult to find the best place for higher studies. But 70% of students choose London over any place for accommodation and learning facilities.

Today, in this blog, I will discuss what problems students face when looking for rental apartments, why London is the best place for students, and the best areas of London for staying and studying.

If you want to know them all, keep reading.

What Challenges do Students Face When Finding Accommodation?

Every year thousands of students across the world apply for a variety of courses in the popular universities of the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc., and the most difficult in the process they face is finding suitable accommodation. It’s real trouble I’m talking about. 

So, are you planning to study abroad? Then you should check out the problems you might face while looking for a place to live and continue your studies well in a distant land. Here are they. Let’s have a look –

a)  Lack of useful information

Proper information is your only weapon when seeking accommodation anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, very few students are lucky enough to get opportunities to stay in on-campus accommodations. Unfortunately, it is difficult for universities to provide accurate information about off-campus accommodations. So, before investing your hard-earned money in rental housing abroad, you have to gather knowledge about the location, the distance of the apartment from your college or university, the amenities, etc.   

b) Improper Guidance

Finding the best international student accommodation for yourself is challenging. Many properties are available, but you don’t know which can provide you with a better deal. So, it’s quite similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Research and find proper resources before spending a penny on your apartment.

c)  Accommodation scams

Students use the internet to rent apartments, but many get scammed by fraudulent landlords. They post expensive apartments at unbelievable prices, and many students get trapped in this. Often the scammers ask for cash money because you can’t trace it. These frauds try to convince students of verbal agreements and do not provide any video or image of the apartment. If you smell any of this when searching for an apartment abroad, do not encourage it for your own good.

d) Financial restrictions

Every student has a specific budget for renting an apartment. Unfortunately, the demand and insufficiency of lease apartments are snowballing. As a result, the price is growing high every day. So, students can’t find desired accommodation at budget-friendly prices. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a rental apartment in London or Los Angeles; you might have to confront such problems. So, always be aware when seeking rental accommodation.  

Why is London the Best for Student Accommodation?

London is a great place to study because it was named the most fantastic student city in the world in the QS Best Student Cities 2018 list. In addition, two of the 17 universities from London listed in the QS World University Rankings are among the top 10 universities worldwide. 

However, if you want to stay and study in London, you must know the advantages you will get here –

  • Top Universities

London is the core of the best universities in the world and is popular for its academic excellence. According to a survey, approximately 144,000 students enrolled their names in the colleges and universities of London in 2019.

  • Access to the best resources in the world

Valuable and authentic resources are essential for higher studies. London is always in the #1 position regarding the best research collections, libraries, and museums. You can also hire assignment help writing services to gather knowledge and score high in your college/university exam.

  • Fantastic career opportunities

London is the most amazing place for job opportunities. Students can apply for internships and part-time jobs in different sectors. These experiences will lead you to further job opportunities.  

  • A buzzing social life

London provides a hundred opportunities to connect with other students and academicians through various social communities and events. It helps to grow your network and also assists you in laddering up in your career.

  • Amazing scenic beauty

The natural beauty of London will never disappoint you. If you choose London for studying abroad, the famous historical places, the amazing and unique libraries, architecture, and events will refresh your mind. Moreover, you will never get bored when you are in London.

These are a few reasons among a lot to choose London as the best place for studying abroad. If you are nurturing a dream to get admission one day to any of the popular universities in London, make sure you have done your research.

Best Places for Student Accommodation in London

London is the home of high-quality education and culture. That’s why thousands of international students apply to London universities every year. Although, it’s quite intimidating for students to find a suitable place to live while studying in London. You need to think about many things before renting an apartment in London, such as the living cost, the distance of your university from your rental place, etc. 

To keep all these things in mind, I have listed a few places in London that you can check out for rental accommodation in this blog. Let’s have a look –

  • Camden

If you are a true lover of vintage art, clothes, and accessories, then Camden is the place for you. The city is quite offbeat but colourful and vibrant. You can easily connect to other parts of London from here. Camden is also famous for music and theatre. The transportation is so smooth here that you can reach your university in 20-30 minutes max.

  • Kings Cross

Kings Cross, home to a substantial student population, is a lively, cosmopolitan area of the city with a tonne of places to eat, drink, and stay at a fantastic price. Its bustling underground station is London’s most significant interchange with services from the Circle, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City, Northern, Metropolitan, and Victoria lines. And the Eurostar, which connects you to continental Europe, also leaves from there. In addition, the commute to UCL, City University, SOAS, University of Westminster, and Kings College takes 20 minutes from Kings Cross.

  • Shoreditch

Shoreditch definitely gets a perfect score for comfort. Every studio unit in the building has a smart TV, an ensuite bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, a gym, a movie theatre, entertainment areas, study areas, laundry facilities, and more are available as amenities.

  • Tower Bridge

Would you love to be a part of European history? Then, you can come to stay in the London Tower Bridge area. The incredible history of Tower Bridge made it a compulsory tourist point. If you can’t concentrate on your study, go to Tower Hill, Tower Bridge, or the Tower of London. You can also take a walk around the Gold Theatre or Southbank. Tower Bridge is a fantastic place for students to stay in.

  • Brixton

Brixton is where you want to live and party in a hip section of London. This convenient but reasonably priced area has a vibrant neighbourhood and exciting nightlife. From little live music venues to legendary clubs, Brixton is the place to be. Jazz, folk, pop, and rock are all easily accessible.

KCL students will love this neighbourhood because they can get there on foot. In addition, Brixton is conveniently located near other London colleges and at the Victoria Line’s terminus. 

Final Thoughts,

Places that are the best for living and studying in London depend on students too. Everyone has different priorities. Some students prefer the minimal distance between the university and the apartment, and few want low-budget areas. You can’t find everything altogether. That’s why you need to prioritise your needs and requirements.

I hope this blog will help you to find suitable rental accommodation in London. So, go ahead and all the best for your career.

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