What are the top 10 most popular sports In The World?

Although global sports have suspended fans for a while due to the epidemic, sports have affected everyone. When there are no games, everyone’s heart is missing something and feels empty. The sports media also just had time to launch this list. There are as many as 15 selection criteria, including the number of global fans and viewers, social media exposure, network influence, the average income of top athletes, mass penetration rate, etc. The results of the selection are still authoritative and referential.

1) Football

Football ranks first with an absolute advantage. According to statistics, as of 2019, there are about 7.6 billion people in the world and 3.5 billion football fans, which means that almost one in two people likes football. It is currently the most popular sport. A large number of famous athletes such as Ronaldo, Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo have emerged.

2) Cricket

Cricket, which comes in second, has 2.5 billion fans, 30 million more than basketball, mainly from Asia, Australia, and Hong Kong. Basketball ranks third. Of course, the NBA is the focus of attention at present. Second, it is also very popular in Canada and China. They all have their own professional domestic leagues. These are all big countries, so it is normal to be ranked third. James, Jordan, Kobe, Yao Ming, and Yi Jianlian are all stars in the basketball world, and they are very popular among fans.

 3) Hockey

Hockey also has 2 billion fans worldwide, mainly from Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. The fifth place is tennis, which has 1 billion fans. The more well-known stars are Federer, Djokovic, Sampras, etc. Volleyball ranks sixth and has 900 million fans. Especially in China, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is a banner of the three major balls. It has created 5 consecutive championships. People like Lang Ping and the “Seven Fairies” she created are household names.

4) Billiards

Billiards is China’s “national game”, ranking seventh. Since it became an Olympic event, it has basically completed a monopoly on the Olympic gold medal, and it is a sports event with obvious advantages in China. Deng Yaping, Liu Guoliang, Zhang Yining, Wang Nan, Ding Ning, and Ma Long are all the best athletes in table tennis. In recent years, Japanese table tennis has developed very rapidly, and young players such as Zhang Benzhi and Ito Mima have brought some impact to national table tennis. In addition, Europe belongs to Germany, which pays more attention to billiards.

5) Golf

Golf is a sport that combines the enjoyment of nature, physical exercise, and games. Today, modern golf has become synonymous with aristocratic sports, which evolved from an ancient Chinese ball game called “Chuiwan”.

6) Baseball

Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan and also popular in the United States, with 500 million fans worldwide. Rugby has high requirements on the field and the purchasing power of the equipment, and the risk factor is relatively high. Compared with basketball and football, the number of participants is small, only 410 million fans, but it is very popular in the UK. Golf is known as the sport of the rich, with a total of 390 million fans. It seems that there are many rich people in the world. The most famous sport is Tiger Woods.

7) Tennis

Tennis is a beautiful and competitive sport. Its unique charm has been loved by the world. It enjoys the title of “noble sport” together with golf. The unique tennis culture makes tennis a modern sport. It is one of the ways of life that people admire in society.

8) Basketball

Basketball represents a basketball spirit of not admitting defeat, not admitting defeat, and never giving up. It will never be disheartened because of a mistake, nor will it shout loudly because of a three-pointer, only to hold steady and wait until the time runs out. All is victory.

9) Volleyball

Volleyball is a collective sport with the most unity and fighting spirit. Extremely fast offense, fine defense, and solid skills are its essence. The spirit of women’s volleyball, which has been inherited for more than 30 years, inspires the Chinese people.

10) Badminton

Badminton can not only achieve the effect of fast fitness, but also a good girlfriend for women in terms of body sculpting and beauty.

Surprisingly, some of the more popular sports in the Olympic Games did not make it into the top ten, such as water sports such as swimming and diving, as well as gymnastics, badminton, track and field, shooting, weightlifting, and so on.


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