Top 10 Cereal Packaging Ideas With Pros & Cons!

Are you looking for unique packaging ideas for custom cereal boxes? Here are some unique packaging ideas for you. When you hear the word cereal the first thing that comes to your mind is something colorful. 

Packaging is an important part of food safety. It’s the final barrier that protects the food till the end. As cereals are commonly used now it’s important to choose good packaging for custom cereal boxes. 

Let’s just dive into the article to know more about the packaging ideas for custom cereal: 

Cardboard display box:

In the past, a classic design for custom cereal boxes was introduced which is still ongoing but with the passage of time and improving technology, the packaging has been improved to more eco-friendly designs. Unfortunately, this packaging isn’t very attractive. 

Some brands wanted to change the packaging which is plain black with white lettering. Moreover, some brands have designed their custom cereals into colorful, unique designs. They make their packaging more eye-catchy to grab more customers. 

Some brands also designed it like it is the base of your breakfast. It’s designed like a bowl. It has both pros and cons however it’s more like an American design. 

Pros: it’s eye catchy. 

Cons: not aesthetically pleasing. 

Plastic tray:

Each plastic tray has a divider that contains different types of cereals. It allows consumers to grab different cereals in one purchase. It allows easy access to individual cereal pieces. Plastic tray packaging keeps cereals fresh as it doesn’t allow air to pass. 

This makes your breakfast enjoyable. It also had a lid on the top to keep them fresh. 

Pros: keeps cereals fresh. 

Cons: makes pouring difficult. 

Folding carton:

It is made of corrugated paper fiber that is opened from above. It is glued and folded to make a layered box. This packaging is lightweight and easily recyclable. 

If you’re the one who needs their things to be right away this packaging isn’t for you. It does protect your food with nice packaging which is recyclable too but it’s a waste of material. 

Pros: recyclable, or unique. 

Cons: waste of material. 

Plastic bag with the paper board:

Custom cereal boxes are available in different styles and designs. This packaging could be the most feasible for you. It’s the packaging that saves most of the space. It is a heat-sealed packaging. 

On the other hand, if you take them from the store to your house they can split. It’s harder to transport. However, manufacturers try their best to fix this. 

Pros: protects better than cardboard.

Cons: hard to transport. 

Eco-friendly box:

This is the strongest packaging. For the people who want to go green and can spend some money this packaging is for you. This packaging includes 100% recycled paperboard. 

However, its name is eco-friendly but not environment friendly. Many cereal manufacturers began to use less eco-friendly materials in their boxes due to cost issues. 

Pros: inexpensive.

Cons: not environmentally friendly. 

Ribbon handle box:

This packaging is similar to cardboard packaging but this includes a ribbon. If you’re planning to gift cereal boxes to a friend or someone else this is the best. It’s the best custom cereal box gift that you can give to someone else. It’s fun to carry! 

However, it’s a plastic bag and some people think it is a waste of material. More material is used to make these boxes. 

Pros: easily opened. 

Cons: more material is used. 


This packaging comes in different shapes like cylindrical, spherical, or many others that include 15-30 servings. However, it has a paperboard that is decorated with different flowers. For the ones who just sit and eat this could be a good choice but for the people who pour it into something else, it could be difficult for you. 

Pros: protects better than cardboard. 

Cons: harder to pour. 

Bag in the box:

These bags can hold up to 300 pounds with 20 servings. If you eat cereal by yourself this is a good choice. The problem with this packaging is it uses more material. It’s not inexpensive as well as can’t be opened easily. 

Pros: recyclable. 

Cons: more material is used. 


They’re made from cardboard and plastic. The problem is it only holds 32 ounces of milk. If you’re looking for something big it’s not for you. It’s recyclable but again a waste of material. 

Pros: recyclable.

Cons: more material used. 

Paperboard bag:

It’s made of 100% biodegradable and compostable material. It helps reduce landfill waste and save energy. However, it has a con too. The paperboard material used isn’t very sturdy. It doesn’t protect the cereals just like other packaging does. 

Pros: environmentally friendly.

Cons: doesn’t protect food. 

Wrap up:

We all love to eat cereal as it’s a staple food. There are a lot of fake cereal boxes available in the market which are the same as the original. I’ve summed all the packaging ideas you can go for. It’s your choice which packaging you want for your cereal! 


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