Things to keep in mind before buying a black diamond

When we think about diamonds the image that comes to our mind first is of colourless bright stone. A transparent stone is what is preferred by the majority of customers and is popular in wedding rings. But nowadays there is a growing demand for colourful diamonds. A black diamond Engagement ring is treated as a novelty among buyers. If you want to surprise your bride with something as unique and special as she is go for a black diamond. Not only the colour is rare but also the procedure for creating a black diamond is different from regular diamonds. Black diamonds have more numbers inclusion resulting in graphite clusters that render the dark colour of the gemstone.

Black stones diamonds are very rare and are only found in some specific places like Brazil, South America and central Africa. Before buying a black diamond there are certain factors you need to consider.


The colourless diamond reflects colours as light falls on the stone. A rainbow sparkle comes out from the transparent stones. But there is no titillation in the case of a black diamond stone and no rainbow light reflection. There is only a glossy look on the uniformly black colour of the diamond.


Clarity is an important factor when it comes to judging the quality of a diamond. The same thing goes for the black diamond. It is hard to evaluate a black diamond in labs. The best way to judge a black diamond is by its well-defined colour. As long the colour of the stone is right a gemologist can see through the diamond.  The standard set for facing this kind of challenge is by categorising the best stone in AAA grade. They are the best because AAA grade diamonds are darker in colour without any visible blemishes or streaks. These diamonds are most desirable for buyers.


The black diamond is denser making it look smaller compared to a regular diamond. Although this doesn’t affect the carat value of the diamond. It is best to buy a calibrated black diamond if you want to be certain about the size of the stone.


The black colour of the diamond is the most important factor one needs to consider before buying.  There are other specific labs for coloured diamonds. The most important factor in deciding the colour of the diamond is its uniform distribution. The colour comes with heat treatment and the uniformity of the black colour without any white spot or streaks is the most ideal choice.

Treatments with black diamond

Most of the coloured diamond is the result of the heat or pressure treatment in the lab. This colour is extracted from lower-quality white stones by heat and pressure treatment. There are three ways to treat a black diamond.

The first way is to use high pressure and temperature on the stone which produces graphite in the crystal resulting in the black colour.

The second way is by altering the inclusions by radiation treatment which brings out the black colour.

lastly, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is used to ensure the uniqueness of the stone.


Cost is what comes priorly in the mind of every buyer out there. You may think that because of the unique colour and look a black diamond is more pricey. But in reality, a black diamond costs less than a transparent diamond so don’t hesitate to buy and go for it.

The Hatton Garden is the best place to buy diamonds. Black diamonds are perfect and surely have a different kind of beauty but it is more brittle compared to regular stone. So, taking good care of your black diamond is more important.

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