Is It Safe to Use a Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape?

Did you know that vaping is becoming increasingly popular? If you are a cigarette smoker, you are likely to try vaping. On the contrary, young people are widely vaping to enjoy fun flavours, follow peer influence, and relish a more affordable smoking alternative.

Now, what is vaping? It is to vaporize a fluid to inhale and enjoy. Though a majority of people consider it a safe act, its health damages are unknown. However, it certainly introduces toxins into the body.

You might have heard that many vape manufacturers claim that vaping is the safest alternative to smoking. However, research shows that it is not 100% true, and even zero nicotine disposable vape can have adverse impacts on the body.

What Are the Effects of Vaping Without Nicotine?

Researchers are still unaware of the long-term side effects of vaping with nicotine-free liquids. However, this article will enlist the short-term effects:


When you inhale the heated vape juice, it may irritate your mouth and respiratory tract. When the substances in a nicotine-free dab pen are vaporized, they develop into cancer-causing compounds and enter the body.


Another alarming short-term effect you may experience from vaping is the triggered immune system response. Moreover, a study shows that even if you get exposed to vaping, it may cause an inflammatory response in your immune system. When you are exposed to an e-juice flavouring compound, it may stimulate an inflammatory response in particular types of white blood cells, and it can majorly alter your immune system response. And if you heavily vape, it may trigger an inflammatory response all through your body.


Another study shows that sometimes exposure to nicotine-free e-cigarettes can cause death. High Times 2023 Vape Pen Review reveals that e-cigarette flavours can harm your heart blood vessels. These vessels play a major role in your long-term health; damage to these vessels can cause blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailment.

What are the Alternatives?

You may opt for vaping to resist your urge of smoking, however, you must know that vaping (even without nicotine) is also not harmless. So, what is the solution? How you can change your habit? The best way is to look for an alternative:

Drink Sparkling Water

Sparking water is a carbonated beverage, and may satisfy your throat’s urge.

Chewing Gum

Go for your favourite chewing gum flavour. It may help you get rid of the bad habit of vaping.

Play with a Toothpick

Try to play with a toothpick in your mouth, it will help distract your urge of smoking or vaping.

Try Sunflower Seeds

You can also try eating sunflower seeds as putting your hands in your mouth repeatedly can help resist the habit of vaping and smoking.

Take Deep Breaths

When you use a vape, you take deep breaths to inhale the flavour. So, taking deep breaths will not only calm your muscles but also reduce your impulse to vape.

How Does Vaping Affect Your Body Parts?

According to primary research vaping is quite harmful to your health:


You might not know that e-liquids may comprise oxidizing agents, aldehydes, and nicotine. So, when you vaporize and inhale it when vaping, they are most likely to affect your heart and circulatory system. According to research, taking a nicotine-filled e-cigarette can increase your heart rate. Moreover, evidence suggests that even a single puff from an e-cigarette can increase blood pressure. And these effects can impact your overall health in the long term. Hence, if you smoke or are addicted to an e-cigarette, you are more likely to become a heart patient. The most common heart ailments may include stroke, heart attack, angina and other heart-related diseases. So, even if you have a healthy lifestyle, but you are unable to quit vaping, you are much more likely to affect by heart disease. Though, there is a slight chance that vaping might be less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes.


According to a few types of research vaping may have adverse effects on your lungs. However, there is more research required. According to a 2015 study, vaping-flavoured e-juices can majorly affect human lung cells.

So, if you vape (even with nicotine-free liquid) it can negatively affect your cells. It can also cause toxicity, oxidation and inflammation in your body. Experts examined a group of addicted people (who vaped with and without nicotine). And they found that it can disturb your normal lung functionality.

Moreover, exposure to e-cigarettes may have the same adverse impact on your lung functionality as vaping itself. However, more research is still needed.

Teeth and Gums

Vaping may also negatively influence your oral health. So, exposure to vaping can damage your teeth surfaces, and develop bacteria. Moreover, you are vulnerable to developing cavities in your teeth. You may also experience gum inflammation, which is the root cause of periodontal diseases. Furthermore, vaping may also cause gum, mouth and throat irritation.

Which Physical Health Conditions Are Alarming?

So, vaping can cause cell dysfunction, oxidative stress and DNA damage. Also, if you experience cellular changes, you are more susceptible to developing cancer in the long term. Moreover, vaping can permanently affect your brain development, especially if you are under 25.


So, according to experts vaping is not a safe practice. However, if you like vaping with nicotine-filled products, you are more likely to be addicted. Research shows that vaping with nicotine can make you more dependent, adversely harming your health.

So, vaping with nicotine is strictly prohibited at a young age. If you vape with nicotine-filled liquids, you are more likely to become a chain smoker in the future.

However, you must know that vaping without nicotine still poses health risks. The reason is that every e-juice contains many toxic substances which fuse into the body when inhaled and can harm your respiratory system, cell mortality, inflammation, and heart blood vessels. However, more research can help discover the exact effects on human health.

You are likely to suffer from health problems even if you vape CBD oil or marijuana. The side effects include impaired memory, compromised coordination, high heart rate, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, irritability and poor cognitive skills.

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