How To Save Money Every Day | Top 10 Everyday Money Saving Tips?

Whether your savings goals are small like buying a new TV or taking a holiday, or a bit larger, like a deposit to buy a house,  it’s never easy. Temptation lurks around every corner, trying to sabotage your financial goals with cupcakes and cappuccinos. This helps you turn your change into folding money. We’ve put together a list of our top ten money-saving tips here, along with a few small lifestyle changes, so you’ll be well on your way to reaching your small savings goals.

1. Make your own presents 

Handmade gifts are often much more than the item given. They are a display of effort and thoughtfulness. Anyone can go out and buy something for you, something as simple as a large hand-drawn card can hold a surprising amount of sentimental value.

2. Write a shopping list 

Anyone can easily write a shopping list but sticking to it is what leads to success. Treat your list as holy scripture, follow it to the letter, and it will help you stay on track. OzHarvest’s meal planner and shopping list is a great tool to download and use easily.

3. Have a night in with friends

How easy it is to spend money when you are out of town. To avoid burning a hole in your pocket, plan a good night out with your friend. A night of board games, movie nights, or low-key dinner parties are great, affordable ways to blow off steam.

4. Drink more tap water 

Plastic uses about three times as much water to produce than bottled water. If you buy a bottle a day, that’s at least $500 a year! This money can be used to buy that water filter for your home instead.

5. Creative with food and reduce foods waste

Consider how much food you’re throwing away when making a shopping list. Your last slice of stale bread can be frozen by mixing in bread crumbs. And your wilted spinach can be frozen and added to smoothies at a later date. And your soft carrots can be revived by trimming them and placing them in a glass of water until crisp.

6. Only buy once 

It’s easy to just go by the price tag when you’re trying to squirrel away every spare cent. For everyday needs, it’s perfectly fine to spend a little more to buy something that lasts. Do your research, and if it means long-term Don’t be afraid to spend a little in the short term if you want to save.

7. Review your subscriptions

Before we know it, we have 15 of these coming out of our account every month, even though we use some of these services regularly. Be honest with yourself.

Review your subscriptions and choose and use what you really need. You may also want to get creative and chat with your extended family, maybe you can share the subscription and split the minimal cost.

8. Find inspiration and keep it close 

It’s easy to forget why you’re saving when you’re looking at the end of a business’s happy hour on a Friday afternoon. That’s why it makes so much sense to set a goal for the long term and keep the memory of that goal close at hand.

9. Cut down on small treats 

Saving requires great discipline. Instead, you just need to identify the extra everyday things you have that add up in a big way and try to dial them down. Here are some quick ideas

  • When you eat out, skip the appetizer and have a main and dessert instead.
  • Make a smoothie or juice at home instead of buying $10 at the store.
  • Grab a Keep Cup when you run out of your daily coffee (you might get a discounted price!).
  • Upskill Yourself – Instead of paying for routine services, like washing your dog or getting your nails done, go to YouTube and learn to do it yourself!

10. Create a budget 

Now, it’s time to crunch the numbers. Check out the guide on How To Create A Weekly Budget for all the details.  

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