How To Pick An Escape Room Theme

An escape room is a gameplay in which you are imprisoned within a game room or set of themed rooms and must overcome obstacles to open an open door with only the correct amount of background understanding given to you shortly before entering the area. Escape rooms are often intended for groups of people.

So how would you pick the best escape room? 

There are many, though not several, escape rooms to select from at each escape room establishment. Listed below are some pointers for choosing the best escape room for the group. 


The pricing of an escape room might vary depending on its appeal, challenge (time required to escape), or concept of excellence. For instance, the demand for a basic homicide escape room with simple evidence is minimal, and the duration it takes to escape is fewer than 60 minutes.  

And that is likely to be less expensive, like a room detailing escapes a mystery Pharaoh in the Egyptian pyramids or completing ingenious riddles to apprehend a fugitive. Therefore, understanding your group is essential for selecting the best escape room. 

Facts on escape rooms 

As previously said, many escape rooms record information on their rooms, such as sales, estimated number to escape, the proportion of accomplishments, and so on. If the group comprises first-timers, consider escape rooms with a more significant positive outcome. If your group includes experienced pros, select a more brutal escape room. Remember to watch all the backstory videos which mostly escape rooms possess, as they are fascinating whether such a room is straightforward or challenging to rectify. 

Members of your party

This is one of the most crucial aspects contributing to a great escape room session. You may recognize a few of these individuals, while others you may have never encountered before these games. 

If you love making new friends with gaming, engaging with strangers may be a suitable alternative; however, if users prefer to overcome obstacles with individuals you think to work together well, renting a space with a family member could be a better choice. 


Picking the correct escape room for the group is critical to having a memorable time. As previously said, you must be familiar with your party. If your group comprises scientists, an expedition to the Moon or a scientific lab sort of unforgettable experience might be ideal. If the group comprises horror fans, a zombie or haunting escape room may be the best choice.


We categorize every area as low severity, so the action is controlled but not as real consequences as some other theme chambers clue chase. A pleasant, light exploration style is perfect for any gamer looking to have a wonderful time, relax, and enjoy their experience either for the first time or focused on integrating. 

Adventure and suspense 

There may be flashes of shadows, eerie sounds, prison motifs, and an overwhelming sense of drama and tension. If you enjoy increasing your heart rate, this is the space for you and the company. 

Several areas are more complex than others, and our crew can assist you in selecting the level of session for you depending on your problem-solving abilities and escape room expertise.  

Despite common assumptions, your group may have more fun participating in a toasty basic level preceding going into the more challenging rooms.  

Similarly, an intermediate game is ideal for daring people and groups who have already encountered Escape the Room and want to select a game that would challenge them to go even further into creative logic and reasoning to escape before another time runs out. 


We each understand various approaches to solving a problem or playing a game. Some people excel at logic, others excel at searching, and the rest succeed at fitness activities. These three types of riddles (logical, exploring, and athletic) are all offered as thematic problems within every room. 

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