Key Tricks To Create Fantastic Packaging Of Custom Cigar Boxes

Cigars are the most unique and yet fashionable form of smoking which has their persona & style, and what makes them more stylish is the custom cigar boxes, which make them a source of pride for their owner. Good packaging of a cigar is very important as it creates a long-lasting impact on others. Moreover, packaging has become a big industry and everyone in this industry is keen to produce excellent packaging boxes. Here are some of the tips to prepare such custom cigar packaging boxes:

Size And Shape

An essential element in the creation of a custom cigar box is its shape and size. To have the perfect packaging for a custom cigar box, it is indispensable to create the package according to the size and shape of the cigar, because if we make a box that is not relevant to the cigar, it will make it look very odd. So size and shape do matter a lot.

Different Box Styles

It depends upon a specific individual what kind of style he/she has to make. Many people like the fancy design on the packaging of Wholesale custom cigar boxes and others like a simple one that will not have any kind of rocking or smashing design. As said above, it depends upon every single person what kind of design they like or expects from a company.

The Right Material

Cigars are usually expensive items and the main reason for their high price is the tobacco that is used in them. The quality of tobacco that is used in cigars is exceptional and hard to find anywhere else. Similarly, the material that can be used in making these custom cigar boxes unique is the material. As mentioned above, cigars are an expensive item and for making their packaging boxes, custom rigid boxes are used because their material is usually hard and is usually used for carrying heavy objects. So custom rigid boxes are being used for the packaging of wholesale custom cigar boxes.

Cigar Box Printing

The printing on the packaging is like printing on fabrics. Printing determines many things about the product, such as its design, its presentation, and its look too. What are some of the things that make printing an essential tool for packaging are as follows:

Custom Logo Imprinting

The first and most important thing that develops customers’ attention is the product’s logo. It is the identity of the company and from this, people get to know about the specific product, and it creates a permanent picture in the people’s minds.

1- Expiry Date

Usually, people ignore this part and suffer for the negligence they make, but mentioning the expiry date on the printing makes the image of the product good. Moreover, it is a sign that the product tends to be more responsible in this regard, that it genuinely wants its customer to be fit.

2- Use Caution

Every smoking material always has a caution in its packaging, which says the tobacco which is being used in this smoking material is injurious to health. This is a basic message, or you can say a public service message to inform all of the masses out there that TOBACCO DO CAUSE HARM! All of us must know that tobacco causes harm. It is the primary responsibility of the product’s company to let people know what they are going to do!

3- Product Ingredients

It is important to let people know that the cigar they are having is made of what kind of ingredients. It will have a clear sense in their mind of what they are having. Other than tobacco, there are other things too that are being use in a cigar and it can be compress leaves and some other materials too. That’s why it is advise to mention all the things in the packaging to make it more prominent among people and to make the product more trustworthy and reliable.

Enticing Embellishment On Cigar Packaging Boxes

There are numerous beautifications that we can add to cigar packaging boxes, to enhance its look and make them more attractive. Some of them are as follows:

  • Stamp foiling
  • Window patching
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Glossy Lamination
  • Matte Lamination

Advantages Of Personalized Cigar Packaging

The advantage of having a wholesale cigar box is that we don’t have to take cigars in our hands all the time or in our pockets. It will not get harm at all. It will be in a safe place where you’ll know that it is kept there. As mentioned above, good customized packaging will create a good impact on others as well. Moreover, customize packaging can be alter as well if you want to in the future.


So to make nice and presentable packaging for custom cigar boxes. You have to follow all of the above tips and by following all these tricks. You can have an impactful box that will surely uplift your personality for sure.

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