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The 5000-word in-depth long article explains the principles and steps of vacuum cleaner selection in a simple way, without professional knowledge, you can quickly get started and choose, avoiding the pits on the road to buy a vacuum cleaner!

black and decker dustbuster

Overview of this article:

  • 1. Know your vacuum cleaner needs in advance, so that you can quickly follow the tutorial steps to choose.
  • 2. Introduction and comparison of different styles of vacuum cleaners: wired or wireless? Vertical, horizontal, handheld, or barrel which is more suitable for you?
  • 3. How to judge the suction power of the vacuum cleaner: the suction power directly cleans the cleaning effect.
  • 4. Fourth, which vacuum cleaner filters dust more cleanly: selection of dust separation principle
  • 5. What are the parameters to improve the experience of using the vacuum cleaner? How to choose?
  • 6. Recommended models of high cost-effective vacuum cleaners at different prices (the article is too lazy to read, you can directly read this part)

1.) Sort out the needs in advance before purchasing

Buying a suitable vacuum cleaner will involve multiple parameter choices, such as the need to choose a bag type or non-bag type vacuum cleaner, wired or wireless, hand-held or horizontal style, whether you need multiple suction heads to work together, etc., when choosing these parameters, in addition to performance, we also need to consider whether it can meet our needs.

This makes it possible to buy a more cost-effective vacuum cleaner within the budget.

Generally, we need to sort out the needs of these aspects in advance:

  • The usage scenario and the area to be cleaned: The larger the area that needs to be cleaned, the higher the requirements for the continuous working time of the vacuum cleaner, whether it is wired or wireless, battery life, etc.
  • Floor Material: Floor Tiles, Flooring, or Carpet? Different ground materials require different suction heads for cleaning, which involves the selection of suction heads later.
  • Other places that need dust removal: In addition to the ground, other places that need dust removal include dust on the home surface, sofa gaps, and beds. These places need different suction heads to clean up to achieve a better dust removal effect.
  • Whether there is a need for mite removal: Some vacuum cleaners can be used with mite removal tips to remove mites. Buying this type of vacuum cleaner can save money on mite removal instruments.
  • Whether you are allergic to dust: because the vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned manually after use, and there will be dust when it is poured. If you are allergic to dust.

2. Types and styles of vacuum cleaners

The type of vacuum cleaner should not only consider personal preference, but also need to consider some practical needs.

1. Wired or wireless?

The choice of wired or wireless needs to consider the following aspects:

From a battery life perspective:

The wired vacuum cleaner needs to be plugged into the socket to use it. The advantage is that as long as it is plugged in, it can be used all the time.

The cordless vacuum cleaner does not need a socket and can be used after charging.

If you need to clean a large area in your home, such as villas and houses, you can consider buying a wired vacuum cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about half of the vacuum cleaner running out of electricity.

From the point of view of portability of use:

In addition to the need to drag the wire to use the wired vacuum cleaner, the range that can be cleaned at one time depends on the length of the wire. Generally, it is necessary to replace multiple sockets to clean the house. Another point is that it is relatively bulky and bulky, so it is not convenient to use wirelessly.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are generally lighter and not particularly strenuous to use by hand.

Buying suggestions:

If used in ordinary households, cordless vacuum cleaners generally meet the needs and do not take up too much space.

If you have a larger home, a corded vacuum cleaner is a good choice.

2. Style selection

At present, there are mainly four styles of vacuum cleaners on the market: handheld, vertical, horizontal, and bucket. In addition to the difference between wired and wireless, these vacuum cleaners also have differences in power size and usage scenarios. For specific comparisons, please refer to the table below. .

Hand-held, upright, and horizontal vacuum cleaners are the main three types of household vacuum cleaners. Both handheld and upright are wireless vacuum cleaners, but hand-held vacuum cleaners have a better-looking design and are more portable to use, so more wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are chosen. The horizontal and barrel vacuum cleaners are wired vacuum cleaners, and the barrel type is not suitable for household use, so people generally choose horizontal vacuum cleaners for wired households.

Buying suggestions:

If you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner, both hand-held and recumbent are fine, but there are more hand-held vacuum cleaner models to choose from.

If you choose a corded vacuum cleaner, choose a recumbent vacuum cleaner.

3. The size of suction – the key parameter selection that affects the effect of dust removal

The principle of the vacuum cleaner is very simple. The first is to ensure that the dust can be sucked in, and the second is to filter the dust and leave it in the vacuum cleaner. If it can do these two points, it is a good vacuum cleaner.

How to tell if a vacuum cleaner can suck in dust?

1. Look at the suction power, not the rated power. The larger the suction power, the better. This parameter can generally be found on the product details page. If you can’t find it, you can ask customer service.

When comparing the parameter of suction power, three points need to be paid attention to:

The large rated power does not mean that the suction power is large. Because the rated power refers to how much power the vacuum cleaner consumes in total, in addition to the suction power, there are also power consumption such as air duct dust filtration and heat generation. Generally, the suction power will be much smaller than the rated power.

The maximum power is not equal to the suction power:

The unit of suction power has two measurement units, W (Watt) and AW (Amp). If you want to compare the suction power of two different vacuum cleaners, you need to use the same unit for comparison. Generally, W is used to represent the suction power on the market. If you encounter the use of AW to represent the suction power, you can ask the customer service how much the suction power is equivalent to W, because the conversion calculation between the two is more troublesome.

2. Check whether the suction head of the vacuum cleaner has a motor roller brush. Generally speaking, the power of wireless handheld vacuum cleaners is lower than that of wired vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners, but the dust removal effect is ok in use, because handheld vacuum cleaners generally have a motor roller brush on the head.

Buying suggestions:

It is generally right to choose the one with high suction power. Although whether there is a motor roller brush will affect the suction power, if both vacuum cleaners have motor roller brushes, it is still feasible to use the size of the suction power to judge.

4. Selection of dust separation principle: dust bag type/non-dust bag type

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, we can see that there is a parameter of dust storage method on the parameter table, mainly including dust bag, dust cup and dust bucket. This refers to the storage method of dust in the vacuum cleaner.

For vacuum cleaners stored in dust bags, the dust bags need to be replaced regularly, and for vacuum cleaners stored in dust cups or dust buckets, the dust needs to be dumped regularly.

Most of the articles on vacuum cleaners explain this point, but in addition, this point is also related to the dust removal effect of vacuum cleaners, because the surface is different in the way of dust storage, and behind it is the difference in the principle of dust removal.

So what is the principle of dust separation?

The dust removal principle of the vacuum cleaner is very simple, that is, the dust, debris and other garbage are inhaled together with the air, and the dust, debris and other garbage are left inside the vacuum cleaner, and the air is discharged to achieve the dust removal effect. How to filter the dust, debris and other garbage Down and staying inside the vacuum cleaner is the dust separation principle of the vacuum cleaner.

The dust removal principle of vacuum cleaners can be divided into three categories: dust bag type, non-dust bag type and water filter type.

Dust bag type: In this method, dust and debris are filtered and left in the dust bag through the filter screen. It can be understood that there are very fine sieves inside the dust bag, air can pass through, but dust cannot pass through.

For the dust bag type, because the dust will block the filter screen, the dust removal effect will be reduced, and the dust bag needs to be replaced regularly. In addition to the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, there is usually the cost of the dust bag.

Regular replacement also has the advantage that there is no need to manually clean the dust, which is more suitable for people who are more sensitive to dust.

Non-bag type: This vacuum cleaner uses other ways to replace the dust bag, avoiding consumables, and there are two ways of non-bag type:

Dust box, use plastic dust box instead of dust bag, the principle of dust removal is the same as that of dust bag type, use dust filter and filter screen to keep dust and debris and other garbage, but because plastic dust box does not need to be replaced, in subsequent use This reduces the cost of dust bags.
Cyclone rotates the inhaled dust and air at high speed, and uses the difference of centrifugal force to separate dust and debris from the air. We don’t need to study the specific process. We can roughly use the tornado to help understand. Big stones, small stones, and dust are all rolled into the air. When the tornado stops, the big stones are scattered in the outermost circle, the smaller stones are in the inner circle, and the innermost is finely divided dust, so the cyclone can be understood as a tornado.
Because the weight of garbage such as dust and debris is different, and the centrifugal force required for air separation is also different, the weight is about light, and it needs a higher rotation speed to classify, so most of the cyclone vacuum cleaners have multi-stage cyclone dust separation at different rotation speeds. Test the design ability of the manufacturer, the design is good, the dust removal effect is good, and the dust removal effect is also good.

The cyclone vacuum cleaner also has a filter screen. Part of the fine dust is still not separated from the air in the filter system at all levels, so the filter screen is needed as the last line of defense to prevent dust from running out of the tail.

Non-bag vacuum cleaners do not have dust bag consumables, but after one or two uses, the dust needs to be poured out manually, and there will definitely be some dust in this cleaning process.

At present, household vacuum cleaners on the market are all bag-type vacuum cleaners.

Water filtration type: Use water to filter out dust, debris and other garbage, and the water acts as a filter. The specific dust removal process is that the mixture of dust and air inhaled by the vacuum cleaner first passes through the water tank, and most of the dust and debris remain in the water. Air escapes from the water.

Although the filtration effect of water is very good, some dust still overflows with the air, so there is still a filter inside as the last line of defense.

The water filter vacuum cleaner is heavier and needs to be cleaned after each use, otherwise the interior will become black and smelly, and it is more troublesome to use than the first two. At present, there are relatively few water filter vacuum cleaners on the domestic market.

Buying suggestions:

If you are allergic to dust or really hate cleaning it manually, consider buying a bag-type or water-filtering vacuum cleaner.

Generally speaking, bagless vacuum cleaners are suitable for most households.

4. Parameters and design choices that make the vacuum cleaner more usable

Through the above three steps, we have selected the main parameters of the vacuum cleaner, but there are still some small design and parameters of the vacuum cleaner that affect the experience of the vacuum cleaner, and we also need to consider these when choosing.

Combination of suction heads: Generally, there are mainly furniture surfaces such as floors, sofa seats, beds, and some gaps (sofa gaps, etc.) in the home. These scenes need to be cleaned. If there is a need for mite removal, a mite removal tip can be added, which can save the cost of a mite removal instrument.

Filter material: Because the filter is the last line of defense to prevent the fine dust that has been inhaled from running out again, because no matter what kind of dust removal technology, the dust in the air cannot be completely separated, so the filter is very important.

Most vacuum cleaners currently use HEPA filters.

Battery life: battery life is mainly a consideration for cordless vacuum cleaners. Cord vacuum cleaners can be used all the time as long as the plug is plugged into the socket. Cordless vacuum cleaners have a limited battery capacity, so they need to be recharged after a period of use. The longer the battery life, the more area you can clean on a single charge.

Try to buy a vacuum cleaner with a long battery life to prevent the vacuum cleaner from running out of power when it is half-cleaned. In addition, the battery will be depleted as the use time becomes longer, and the battery life will decrease. Buying a vacuum cleaner with a longer battery life at the beginning can have a longer life.

Working noise: In fact, most vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise at work, but some well-designed vacuum cleaners will have a slightly smaller noise. It depends on the parameter of the noise. The better the better.

Anti-entanglement: There will always be some hairs that fall on the ground at home. If there is no anti-entanglement design, these hairs will get stuck at the suction mouth or inside the inner wall. Half of them need to be removed by hand, which is dirty and difficult to get rid of. After a few times, we will I find the vacuum cleaner very difficult to use.

Cleaning and maintenance costs: Except for the bag type vacuum cleaner, other vacuum cleaners need to manually clean the dust inside the vacuum cleaner after dust removal. For example, the dust cup type requires us to pour out the dust, and the water filter type requires us to replace the filter. Using water, if the design is not reasonable, the cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner will be very troublesome.

5. Introduction of mainstream brands of vacuum cleaners and recommendation of 20 cost-effective models at different price points

Like many home appliances, the number of brands and models of vacuum cleaners can be confusing. If we use the keyword “vacuum cleaner” to search on the shopping platform, there are more than 250 brands and tens of thousands of products in the search results. , which adds a lot of difficulty to our choice.

One is because judging whether a brand is reliable requires a lot of information and online evaluation.

The parameters of the two comparisons of different models also need to be known from the details page of the merchant, the manual or even ask the customer service.

In the beginning, we just wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner, but in the end we needed to study the brand and model parameters of dozens or hundreds of vacuum cleaners, so shopping is really tiring! ! !

In fact, based on the following simple experiences here, we can reduce our workload to a great extent:

Choose mainstream famous foreign or domestic brands, and do not choose niche and less well-known brands. This is not to ask us to pursue big names, but because brands are the result of quality and service, as shown in the mind map below. Some mainstream vacuum cleaner brands have been sorted out, which can be used as a reference for selection.

Choose a model with a higher sales volume and sell more, indicating market recognition.
Pay attention to the number of negative reviews and the points that are mainly complained about. The positive reviews are not necessarily true, but the negative reviews are basically true, because the positive reviews can be faked, and ordinary merchants will not give negative reviews to their products. Any product will have negative reviews. We need to see if the points of these negative reviews are almost the same. If you complain about logistics and customer service attitudes, you can basically ignore them. Only a few people complain that a certain model has problems, and it can be ignored.
Through the above three points, we can greatly narrow the scope of our choices.

In addition, we must pay attention to not only choose based on the popularity of the brand. For example, many people only buy Dyson. Although Dyson has a high reputation, we may use a smaller budget according to the above selection strategy. , buy a vacuum cleaner that is more cost-effective and more suitable for you.

Seeing this, you can basically choose the right vacuum cleaner brand and model yourself. Here are some more cost-effective vacuum cleaners at different price points for everyone as an alternative, which can also reduce part of the selection time.

20 high cost-effective models at different price points are recommended
100~400 yuan price

The most cost-effective models of vacuum cleaners at the price of 100~400 yuan are mainly wired vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners, and there are few wireless vacuum cleaners. Although some manufacturers also launch wireless vacuum cleaners at this price, the suction power is very small, and the cleaning effect is very small. Generally, the cleaning efficiency is low. At this price, it is generally recommended to buy a wired vacuum cleaner.

  • Midea U1
  • Delmar DX700

The prices of the above two models are very low, in the early 100s, and the manufacturer does not indicate the suction power. I could not find the suction power of these two models by asking customer service and inquiring the manual, but these two models are selling very well. If It is used for transitional use in rental houses or dormitories. You can buy these two models, but don’t have high expectations.

For home use, you can choose from the following models:

Midea C3-L148B

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