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A good seller is a good buyer first: buy when the price is lowest to ensure a profitable trade when the price rises – a principle as old as the world that always fills the informed buyer. A Crypto Analyst Reveals The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC): Bullshit, Wait, This Analysis Is Great You Are The Judge

Week To Buy Bitcoin BTC

Saturday night fever, Sunday night BTC

According to Charles Edwards, digital asset manager at Capriole, Sunday night will be the best time to buy Bitcoin. Historically, BTC has seen higher returns between Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Trading volumes fell over the weekend; the presence of a limited number of traders in the market during this period made the market more volatile when traders returned in batches at the beginning of the week.

The weekend’s closure of traditional markets such as the Chicken Mercantile Exchange (CME), which also significantly reduced trading volumes on BTC exchanges during this period, has since started to pick up again on Monday. High volatility.

CME Group’s logo is increasingly visible

Unlike traditional assets, you can trade Bitcoin on weekends and even holidays.

In the case of CME Group, it was closed on weekends and public holidays, forcing accredited and institutional investors to wait for the market to open on Monday.

BME prices formed a spread between Friday’s CME close and Monday’s open. The theory to fill this gap is that price will then fill the gap between CME and the rest of the market, and this compensatory rise causes the price of BTC to rise.

Aren’t we making a fuss about the impact of CME’s BTC futures market on Bitcoin prices? The theory even links the August 2, 2020 flash crash to the July 2020 weekend shutdown, which coincided with the closure of the CME BTC futures market.

Open interest in CME Group’s BTC futures contracts has increased over the past few weeks, which some crypto folks can interpret as a rise, indicating CME Group’s growing influence over the global BTC market.

Now, thousands of bitcoiners have read this article, and they will all be buying bitcoin on weekends, especially Sunday night. Result: This blessed day’s theory of buying BTC will logically fail. Yes, the observer changes what he observes – I hope I don’t slaughter quantum theory by saying anything. The best, if not the best day to buy Bitcoin is now before BTC hits $100,000.

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