8 Best Test Automation Tools And Their Good & Bad

Test Automation Tools

Top 8 Test Automation Tools And Their Pros & Cons

Test automation tools are software designed to help testers and developers easily manage, analyze and run automated GUI tests. Automation tools and manual tools are components of test plan tool. They reduce the need for human intervention, thus achieving greater speed and efficiency. These tests can be performed across multiple platforms, devices, and environments, thus enabling the teams and companies to improve the software quality and speed up a delivery time.

Below we have curated a list of 8 test automation tools that are best in their features.


TestRigor is a plain English test automation tool on the cloud which is best for no-code test automation. It creates fast and complex tests with test recording and allows test parallelization and CD/CI integration. TestRigor can be used for various devices like mobiles and laptops, web, and APIs. Each test step creates screenshots thus helping with debugging process later.


  • Testing needs little maintenance
  • Its a cloud-based and scalable test automation tool
  • It can test external APIs directly and allows test data generation


  • It lacks a test management system
  • Lacks the support for mobile phone apps


Selenium is the best test automation tool that runs tests across different websites and supports various operating systems. It also executes tests when the browser is minimized. It has the advantage of supporting various platforms, programming languages, and browsers. Selenium is implemented by companies of all sectors like Continous Delivery, Agile, and DevOps. 


  • It’s an open source with no licensing cost
  • It supports various programming languages
  • It’s a cross-browser and a platform-independent software


  • It has a high initial cost and is not an all-in-one solution
  • It has a slow test development because of script based approach
  • No participation for no technical resources  
  • It lacks a reliable technical support


Teststigma has NLP-based test creation for resilient tests and is the best automation tool for continuous testing. It has excellent CD/CI integration, collaboration, and bug testing and AI suggests potential bugs while running the test. Many popular tools like Slack, Jira, Jenkins, CircleCi, and BrowserStack are integrated with Teststigma.


  • It has advanced test management features
  • It’s unified end-to-end for mobile, API, and web
  • It has comprehensive visual reports and local test execution


  • It doesn’t provide options for automated linked tests
  • It doesn’t have a customizable dashboard


Katalon is an automated testing versatility in a single package which is best for quick test creation. It’s extremely easy to deploy and has large numbers of integration. Katalog studio is used by different companies like Care Logistics, Tanaiku, Angler, etc. It is a good choice for both enterprises and individuals as it provides rich ecosystem tools to opt from.


  • Its intuitive analytic dashboard and reports
  • It supports various types of testing like API testing, data-driven etc
  • It is integrated with DevOps/CI workflow and other tools


  • It has a smaller community and lacks scripting languages
  • Has performance issues like bugs hampering the testing
  • It has a closed source code unlike Selenium


TestComplete is a powerful cloud-based test automation tool that is best used for complex test creation. It’s fully featured with a powerful and versatile test automation platform baked on the cloud. TestComplete is scalable and has intuitive features and workflow which makes it easier to use for people of all levels of skills and experiences. It also supports multiple programming languages like JavaScript and Python.   


  • Expandability of tests through plugins/script extensions and scripts
  • It has a low barrier to entry and can easily handle tests data
  • Identifying UI users and the possibility of Jira integration for reporting


  • It’s not fully DPI aware and can be a problem when multiple screens are operated with different resolutions
  • Mapping can be difficult when renaming/editing and moving objects which can result in occasional crashes 


We have discussed above some top test automation tools and their pros and cons. We hope that you find this data helpful and drop the comments in case of further queries or suggestions.

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