6 Safety Tips for Moving Products You Should Know

Of course, the easiest way to avoid returns and complaints is to make sure the packaging is strong enough to withstand daily shipping. But what’s the best way to protect the products during shipping? And how can functional packaging be turned into a creative expression to build customer products loyalty and encourage them to buy again?

Here are some ways to combine function and style to ensure your packaging impresses customers as much as your products, like custom round boxes.

Make the Package Transportable

However, it’s not hard to imagine that there will be some battles between the warehouse and the customer’s door. Even for domestic shipments, the packaging robustness can be severely tested. Weather-related fluctuations like humidity and temperature and human error like dropped or damaged items are also challenging. In the case of international shipments, other issues may arise, such as air changed pressure, over extended periods, vibration, and compression.

Entrusting the goods to experts does not necessarily mean that these events cannot occur, just that they cannot be observed. Shipping damage is the shipper’s responsibility under your contract, but you’re more likely to file a claim. It makes it even more urgent to ensure that the goods are protected and delivered to the sender in the best possible condition.

Finally, the cushioning material inside the product, known as void filler, can provide additional protection to the packaging. Previously limited to Styrofoam and small air bubbles, the packaging industry has grown so much that lighter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly alternatives are now available. 

Use Tamper-Evident Tape

If custom mailer boxes are part of your current packaging scheme, you may need tape. But this is no ordinary tape.

Sealing cardboard boxes with tape can also add security as a visual deterrent. The anti-counterfeiting tape also provides visible evidence to identify where a product has been touched during shipping.

When it comes to wrapping with safety tape, there are generally two options. Reinforced paper tape and more traditional “blank” tape. But what’s the difference?

Once the reinforced tape is attached, it is held firmly and cannot be removed without scratching the box. It is very tamper-resistant and cannot be tampered with.

On the other hand, “inactive” tapes work almost as general tapes. No extra force is applied, the box is not damaged when removed, and the only difference is what is left. It makes the “invalid” message obvious, no matter how much you try to reseal it and cover your tracks.

Use a Tamper-Proof Box

Use a security case for added security when carrying valuables. It creates another layer of security and a package that cannot be destroyed without leaving a permanent trace. These are mostly made as custom packaging boxes.

It is achieved through an intricate design whose folds inside make it impossible to flip it over without damaging the packaging.

Consider the Impact of Packaging Branding

Brand building is important for e-commerce businesses. It is an effective means of making your products stand out from the competition, reaching your target audience, and strengthening your brand. However, non-packaging brands may also need scrutiny.

It does not mean that all brands should be removed immediately, nor is it recommended. However, there is a growing trend among companies to brand the interior of their packaging. An ordinary outer box cannot reveal the contents inside. Think about it: If you see a box with the Apple logo, you might think it’s a phone or a large laptop inside.

With over 40 years of experience in providing tailor-made packaging solutions, we can provide you with all the advice and services you need for safe packaging.

Add Security Labels

A label can be attached to the inside of the package for safety. If the label is removed or torn, you can add it with appropriate content elsewhere. You can add labels on business cards, stationery, and more with sender and recipient addresses and phone numbers.


When running an ecommerce business, ignoring the importance of packaging is a big mistake. Careful packaging by custom box manufacturers helps protect your product during shipping. It also helps gain the trust of your customers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on designs to win customers’ hearts and offer your product at a low cost. To ensure your packaging impresses customers as a product, you need to use custom mailer boxes.

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