6 Best Shower Door Design Guides And Ideas

Having the right shower door in your bathroom is not just about looks, but also the functionality. With the right shower door, you can effectively deal with any mold issues that may arise; it can also add some extra privacy in case someone uses the toilet while you’re getting ready to enter the shower. Here are 6 of the best shower door options if you’re looking to quickly remodel your bathroom!

1. Frameless shower door

Frameless shower door

Frameless shower doors have a higher budget than other options, but frameless compartments are sleeker, easier to clean and allow bathrooms to look more than they actually feel. Since there is no corner material around this type of door frame, there is no need to worry about scum buildup as with other options, but the construction is also more professional. For these reasons, frameless shower doors are becoming more and more popular in residential design around the world.

2. Framed Shower door

Framed Shower door

Framed shower doors are the more common style, providing greater stability, better sealing, and making the bathroom look more elegant and modern than installing frameless or sliding shower doors. Thanks to the design of the outer frame, it provides more privacy when preparing for the morning wash. In addition, the frame-type shower door has two configurations: single door and double door, which can be selected according to the space requirements.

3. Sliding Shower Door

Sliding Shower Door

Sliding doors are often used in small bathrooms or powder rooms where space is limited and pings must be maximized. They require far less area than hinged shower doors, making them ideal for smaller spaces. It’s easy to open these shower doors from the inside or outside, so even if you don’t have room in your hand to help open the door, you can open the door without a hitch. Sliding shower doors are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a clean, modern, and space-saving look. Sliding doors are somewhat limited, though: There must be enough space in front of the bathroom wall to allow the panels to slide out without hitting anything.

4. Glass Shower Door

Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are not energy efficient by themselves, but when paired with insulation panels, you can reduce heat loss in your bathroom and save on energy bills without sacrificing style or practicality. For a truly unique look, consider installing glass panels, which will magnify the bath’s vision; for more privacy, consider installing Changhong or matte glass, which still looks great and is relatively easy to clean.

5. Curved shower door

Curved shower door

If you want a bold design in your shower space, the curved shower door option is a quick way to get there. Curved shower doors make any bathroom look more luxurious, but they can also be used for practical purposes: A steeper curve allows you to use the shower without submerging the entire bathroom in water.

6. Swivel Shower Door

Swivel Shower Door

Swivel shower door: Choosing this type of shower door means you don’t have to drill holes in the tiled wall. First, measure the length and width of your existing tub opening; find a shower door that fits the space, whether square, rectangular or arched; measure once you know which type of door will work best. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shower door that is slightly longer than the tub opening, the wiggle room will make up for any imperfections in the installation.





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