Patriot Supersonic Pulse 16GB USB 3.0 Storage Drive Review


USB 3.0 is a growing standard these days. In the past few years nearly all new platforms have been equipped with USB 3.0 support. The Majority of LGA 1155, LGA 2011, AM3+, FM1 and FM2 motherboards all come with USB 3.0 support whether that be native, like with Z77 and Ivy Bridge, or whether that be with added USB 3.0 controllers from the likes of ASMedia.

The USB 3.0 standard offers a unique advantage over USB 2.0 in that in can theoretically provide 10 times the bandwidth, from 0.5 Gbps to 5 Gbps. Yet with the way current USB 3.0 protocols are organised on most motherboards you’ll need additional software, like ASUS USB 3.0 Boost, to start exceeding 200 MB/s.

Because USB 3.0 is becoming more and more mainstream it makes sense to start thinking about getting yourself a USB 3.0 flash drive to take advantage of these new faster speeds. Especially since in the past few months prices of USB 3.0 devices have started to fall rapidly.

The Patriot 16GB USB 3.0 Supersonic Pulse Storage drive we have is a prime example of that. It is one of the cheapest USB 3.0 drives on the market, so we want to know if it offers any advantages over similarly priced USB 2.0 counterparts.

Patriot doesn’t claim any particular speeds with this drive – all they list on their product page is USB 3.0 support with backwards USB 2.0 compatibility, sizes of 4GB to 16GB, a 2 year warranty and support for all Major operating systems since Windows ME/ Linux 2.4 / Mac OS X 9 or later.

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