Western Digital Elements 1TB External Hard Drive Review

Testing Results

In order to give you some ballpark performance figures for the Western Digital Elements 1TB external hard drive we have conducted two tests that we always do with storage devices. Firstly we ran Crystal Disk Mark followed by Atto disk mark, both industry recognised benchmarking tools. Both tests were run in out-of-the-box configurations, i.e. we ran them at their default settings to keep things simple. Both tests measure read and write speeds in a number of different ways using different sized blocks.

Crystal Disk Mark tests the following things:

  • Sequential Read and Write
  • 512K block Read and Write
  • 4K block Read and Write
  • 4K QD32 Read and Write

Here are the results we achieved:

The next benchmark to be run is the ATTO disk benchmark. This benchmark uses a lot more different block sizes to test the read and write speeds of your drive. It also allows users to test how different RAID controllers work and has a wide variety of options to customise such as queue depth, overlapped I/O and I/O comparison. As already mentioned, in the interests of running a fair test we will run ATTO in its ‘out-of-the-box’ form.

Here are the results we achieved:

Analysis of these results will be done on the concluding thoughts page.

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