Razer Sphex Gaming Mouse Mat review

Testing the Razer Sphex

The Razer Sphex mouse mat although textured gives incredibly smooth movement. It easily tracks the DPI of the 2400DPI mouse we tested on it. When conducting testing with a cheap optical mouse instead of the 2400DPI  mouse we found that the Razer Sphex helped to eliminated mouse ‘ghosting’  that previously occured with the cheap mouse on other mouse mats. By ghosting we mean whereby the mouse would move slightly on its own due to the combination of a budget DPI laser and poor gaming surface. Even with a cheap mouse this ghosting was eliminated on the Sphex.

Everyday use with the Sphex is very good, the mouse mat allows you to slide the mouse around easily without any discomfort. When it comes to the aming performance of the Sphex we tried it out with the current Blockbuster FPS game Battlefield 3. The mouse mat made a noticeable difference over the old surface we were using before. It not only allows you to move around quicker because less effort is required to move the mouse but it also allows you to make more sensitive adjustments in the mouse as the textured surface allows for a stronger grip and more precise movements.

The adhesive on the rear of the mouse mat

All in all this really is a solid mouse mat. It offers great comfort and performance with any type of optical mouse. The only thing we didn’t like is that mouse mat lacks some vertical height with 230mm sometimes not being enough room, but this is only a minor issue. In addition to that the multi-use adhesive does lose its stickiness quite fast and once you’ve stuck it down it is difficult to move. Due to the fact the surface is so thin it also feels like if you pulled it off your desk too fast you might snap it, although this is just how it feels it has never actually happened.

To conclude this is a solid product from Razer. It offers everything you need from a gaming or everyday mouse mat. We think this product is particularly useful to someone with any mouse who is looking for a bit more control and precision without an expensive upgrade. The product feels like good quality and Razer goes a long way to make you feel like a valued customer with the attention to detail that has gone into the product design, packaging and accessories.

Value For Money: 8/10

Performance: 9/10

Functionality: 9/10

Overall: 86%

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