Razer Sphex Gaming Mouse Mat review

A Gaming surface from Razer

Razer are well known throughout the gaming community for making high quality peripherals such as mice and keyboards. But they also make gaming mouse mats because there is no point of having a high quality and high DPI mouse if the surface you are using cannot allow you to use the DPI configuration effectively. It is also important for Gamers and the everyday user that your mouse surface is responsive and smooth so that it is not an effort to use your mouse.

The product we have here from Razer is the Sphex Gaming Mouse mat, and it is a ‘mat’ not a pad since the surface is ultra thin and contains no foam or padding materials. This mouse mat measures in at 320mm by 230mm which is roughly a sheet of A4 paper horizontally placed. The mousemat is made from high quality plastic which is textured and features the Razer Sphex branding in the bottom left hand corner and the Razer logo in the top right. The mouse mat comes with multi-use adhesive on the back which allows it to stick to any desk or surface you want to use a mouse at.

The packaging is very well presented in terms of aesthetics. You get a card package which holds your product and this is coloured matte black and has a glossy image of the product on the front. The rear of the packaging contains some multi-lingual information about the product and a brief product description with appropriate images. There is also a ‘feel the difference’ cut out where if you were picking this up in store you could feel the texture of the mouse mat and see if its what you expected or wanted.

The package contents are simple:

  1. The Razer Sphex Mouse mat
  2. The Razer ‘certificate of authenticity’
  3. Two Razer logo stickers on one sheet

Currently the Razer Sphex mouse mat retails at about £11 including delivery which is about twice what you would expect to pay for a mouse mat but in absolute terms spending £11 instead of £5 on a mouse mat is quite a small increase in price that gives a relatively noticeable difference in comfort and performance. Read on as we test the Razer Sphex mouse mat and tell you whether we thinks its worth your money.

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