CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

CM Storm are known for their ever expanding range of gaming peripherals, made with the quality you would expect from Cooler Master but under the guidance of Cooler Master’s specifically gaming orientated product designers. Their collection includes mice, keyboards, headsets, cases and more, but today we will be looking at one of their mid range gaming mice. The CM Storm Spawn slots in between the CM Storm Xornet and CM Storm Inferno in terms of its pricing but Cooler Master have always produced well priced products. At £27 you wouldn’t expect this mouse to offer that much, so we take a look a find out if this makes a viable alternative to some of the more expensive mice on the market.

Before we advance to the main analysis of this product we first want to take you over a brief tour of the CM Storm Spawn’s specifications:

  • DPI – 800, 1800 and 3500.
  • Polling time – 1ms (125 to 1000Hz)
  • Speed measurement – 6400FPS
  • Maximum tracking speed – 60 IPS
  • Maximum acceleration – 20g
  • Onboard memory – 32kb
  • Ergonomics – right handed
  • Button assignment – 5 buttons (excluding Left and right click), assignable
  • Black and Red colours only, made from various plastics and rubber
  • Weight – 142g
  • Size - (L) 107 X (W) 75 X (H) 35 mm

So as you can see you get quite a lot for your money in terms of raw specifications, but do these translate well into the finished product? Lets take a look.

Page 1: Introduction and Specifications

Page 2: Packaging 

Page 3: Product close-up and overview

Page 4: Included software

Page 5: Performance

Page 6: Final thoughts

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