Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced Review

Product Overview with Specifications

To kick off with lets take a brief look at the core specifications of the Dark Rock Advanced tower cooler and the Silent Wings PWM fan.

Dark Rock Advanced Tower Specifications

  • Dimensions: 122mm by 97mm by 166mm
  • Weight including Fan: 1100g
  • Materials: aluminium fins, dark plated nickel
  • Socket compatibility: Intel (775/1155/1156/1366) and AMD (AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/754/939/940)
  • Maximum power capacity: 180W

Silent Wings PWM Fan Specifications

  • Dimensions: 120mm by 120mm by 25mm
  • Fan speed RPM: 1500RPM at 100%
  • Noise level: 18.5 dBA at 1500RPM
  • Airflow: 50.5 CFM
  • Current: 0.09A
  • Connector: 4pin
  • Lifetime: 300,000 hours

Now lets take a look at the product with a selection of pictures.

Page 1: Introduction and test rig

Page 2: Packaging and Package Contents

Page 3: Product Overview with Specifications

Page 4: Installation procedure

Page 5: Thermal performance and Conclusion

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