Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced Review

Packaging and Package Contents

The Dark Rock Advanced comes in a rather simplistic box. The entire box uses a matte black design, and as you can see the front of the box contains basic primary information of expected thermal performance, noise levels and the maximum supported TDP. As you can see Be Quiet! are trying to sell the Dark Rock advanced here for its silent operation with high performance, they also specifically point out the  cooler is ready for LGA 1155 which is important as a lot of overclocking enthusiasts have probably started their journey with the overclocking-friendly LGA 1155 platform.

The side of the packaging features a more detailed overview of the Dark Rock Advanced’s design with labelled captions. Be Quiet! point out key features like the heat pipes, 120mm Silent Wings PWM fan and anti vibration fan mounts.

The other side of the box features multi lingual information which briefly describes the product. In addition to that it includes detailed specifications (which we cover fully on the next page) and a list of the package accessories included with the Dark Rock Advanced. There was Nothing much to see at the top of the box, except a range of languages showing how popular this cooler is on the international market.

The Dark Rock Advanced comes the following items:

  • Dark Rock Advanced CPU tower cooler
  • 120mm Silent Wings PWM pre-attached fan
  • 2g Shin-Etsu X-23-7762 thermal paste
  • Backplate
  • Mounting brackets for AMD and Intel platforms
  • Multilingual manual

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Page 5: Thermal performance and Conclusion

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