AMD closes the gap with Intel

In what may appear surprising news to everyone (particularly given the reception AMD received from Bulldozer in the tech industry) AMD has increased its share in the x86 market from 18.2% to 19.1%, meaning Intel declined from 81% to 80.2% for Q1 of 2012. In the desktop market (perhaps the most important to our readers) AMD managed to grasp 43% of the market which is impressive as it just goes to show that AMD always win when it comes to questions of value, even against the might of Intel’s corporate and consumer marketing power.

AMD’s recovery of the Llano APU production also helped AMD to shift larger amounts of APUs than ever before. AMD also benefited from the rising number of budget laptop sales containing AMD processors or APUs (to try and counteract high hard drive prices customers downgraded components like the processor to get more storage capacity).

Source: PCWorld